How does bail work?

If you are here, you may have as a first question, “How does bail work?”

The court system will set the quantity of bail needed for the defendant’s release.

Under the laws in most States, a company can provide a “bail bond” that ensures payment of the full bail total to the court if the accused does fails to appear. These bail bonds are offered by licensed bail company.

For providing the pre-trial release service, bail agencies charge a premium– a percentage of the overall bail amount, normally 10 %.

For instance, for a bail quantity set at $20,000, the premium would be $ $2,000 plus any extra charges needed. The bail company must charge the premium rate and the premium is not refundable once the accused is released.

So how does bail work?  Here’s a video from a pro who explains it well…

For more on Bail Bonds, see the Wiki article:

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