NJ Bail Reform fails twice on the same crime

The purpose of secured bail is two-fold… Help an accused criminal get back to his/her work, family and life while providing a strong incentive for the criminal to work responsibly with the justice system that works to protect the public. While the outcome of  the trial is determined by the “innocent until proven guilty” principle, the accused are initially arrested… Continue reading

New Jersey detective’s response to a misleading editorial on bail reform

‘We’re punishing people simply for being poor’ Headlines like the one above are popping up in editorials all over the country. Usually, they are posted by ‘journalists’ or editors that know little to nothing about how the bail bond system in their state really works. Usually they are filled with so many inaccuracies that they are totally misleading. New Jersey… Continue reading

Benefits, constitutionality of bail bonds: a rational view of the Walker case in Georgia

This is an excerpt and overview of what is covered in the well-prepared and well-documented Amicus Brief  for the United States Court of AppealsFor The Eleventh Circuit on the case of MAURICE WALKER, on behalf of himself and others similarly situated, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. CITY OF CALHOUN, GA, Defendant-Appellant. SUMMARY OF ARGUMENT Plaintiff would have this Court effectively abolish monetary bail on the theory that any defendant is… Continue reading

Bail reform bill in NM seriously defective

There are a few States where those with a financial interest in the sole use of programs, like “pre-trial services,” are seeking to pass bail reform legislation, purportedly to help the poor, that would in practice destroy the private bail bonds industry and cost taxpayers millions more dollars. New Mexico is such a State proposing radical bail reform. In an article… Continue reading

Judge strongly cautions against end of cash bail proposals

End of cash bail proposals are popping up everywhere. Many States that have at least some politicians (and bureaucrats who would benefit) that would like to end the practice of requiring surety or cash bail bonds for people accused of crimes. Indiana is one such state. Indiana Senator, Brent Steele, proposed a bill to severely limit the use of cash… Continue reading

Commentary: Current bail system shouldn’t be discarded

There are lots of parts of our United States justice system that could and should be improved. However, he private bail system and bail bonds industry  is probably the most efficient and effective part of the whole system. It is definitely not where overhaul should begin –  despite a heated debate taking place nationally, led by State like Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania,… Continue reading

Bail Reform called for because of Kalief Browder suicide?

The political editor at the source uses this sad story as a powerful political tool to call for bail reform, essentially to “prompt the state [of New York] to completely overhaul its bail system. Good political arguments frequently take a single case and extrapolate it to call for large reforms, programs, and taxes.  The story of what happened to Kalief… Continue reading

Do Jail Policy Changes Impact the Bail Bonds Industry?

On April 9, 2015, Springfield KSPR News Channel 33 reported that the Greene County Jail has ceased to accept City of Springfield municipal prisoners. While this may seem like a dispute that affects only the City of Springfield and the Greene County Jail, this article sheds light on how jail policy changes impact the entire bail bonds industry. In the… Continue reading