Botched bond mistakenly lets accused cocaine dealer back on the streets

This video talks about how an officer mistakenly lopped off a zero when entering the bond about (and one other important term).

I once had the same mistake made at the Riverside Regional Jail in Virginia – except in my case, the mistake was much smaller, from $15,000 to $1,500. We got it corrected though before posting the bond.

Here’s some of the details on the Kansas City mistake…

KANSAS CITY, Kansas. – A botched bond at the Wyandotte County Detention Center (Wyco Jail) mistakenly allowed an accused cocaine dealer back on the street.

In January, Kansas City  police arrested Jose A. Jimenez-Esparza. Prosecutors charged him with a felony, alleging he had more than a kilo of cocaine in his possession.

But a couple of days later, Jimenez-Esparza caught a huge break and bonded out of jail  – – – with a big discount.

“This was a serious error,” Lt. Kelli Bailiff, a spokeswoman for the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Department, told 41 Action News.

Jimenez-Esparza’s bond was supposed to be $150,000 with house arrest as a condition. However, Bailiff said the deputy at the jail entered it incorrectly in the computer system: $15,000 with no house arrest.

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